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We are just a great cats fans. We collect cats games and distribute them over several gaming websites like monkeygamesworld. Click below to visit our cat page there.

Of course there are other usefull resources about cats and cat games. Let us list some of the most popular on the Interenet:

funny cats pictures

cats on wikipedia

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One of the most common questions is why do people keep cats as pets? Let's see what some people from yahoo answers think about this subject:

They jump in other peoples gardens, climb on peoples cars, sleep in peoples cars if the window is down, transmit human brain parasites, create road hazards, and kill native wildlife etc, yet people want to keep them as pets?

I find this question very amusing, because people do similar when you really think about it. We pass on diseases, tresspass on other peoples properties, take what isn't ours, drive like maniacs and create accidents, kill animals for pleasure, etc. 

They jump in other peoples pools, steal other peoples cars, sleep with other peoples daughters, steal from cars even if the windows are up, transmit human diseases to all the famly, create road hazards, they terrorize the neighbours with their loud stereos and pharte can exhausts and their barely legal cars and kill native wildlife etc, yet people want to keep THEM as pets?


Feeding human food: If you do want to give your cat human food, don't make a habit of doing so as it isn't nutritionally balanced for the cat. The occasional table scrap is fine, if only given very occasionally, and always put the food into the cat's bowl. Also bear in mind that if you feed human food regularly, it may make your cat picky & less likely to want to eat his own food.

Feeding food past it's use by date: Cats are not waste disposal systems. If the food is out of date, or has spoiled & isn't fit for human consumption, then it is not acceptable to expect your cat to eat it. Cats can become sick with food poisoning just like humans can. If in any doubt whatsoever, don't give it to your cat.

Feeding dog food: Cats have different nutritional requirements to dogs & feeding them dog food will result in taurine deficiency. Dogs eat dog food & cats eat cat food.

Too much of one type:  This mainly refers to people feeding a home made diet. Unless you are well versed in feline nutrition then it is best to feed a commercial cat food which has all the necessary nutrients in it. 


Crumple a piece of paper, roll it across the floor, and watch what happens. My cats love this game. There's something about the sound crumpled paper makes that they just cannot resist. One of my cats even carries the crumpled ball of paper with her when she goes to bed. Be sure to keep the ball of paper when you're done playing though or you'll have confetti everywhere the next day. I learned that the hard way.

How to stop the cat jumping around? 

 This will teach the cat that they will get a “spray” every time they get in that area. Cats hate being sprayed with water, so this should work wonders. However, what do you do if no one is around when the cat is jumping on the counters? You can try putting double-sided sticky tape on the surface; putting upside down carpet runners or blocking off the counters with tall objects, but the convenience of these ideas is pretty unrealistic. A great solution is to spray your counter at night with a vinegar solution, since kitties hate vinegar–another essential item of how to prevent cats from jumping on counters. The “stench” alone will keep them from wanting to get their paws involved in such a “stink”.

Another solution is to sprinkle a small amount of pepper or curry powder on the counters at night. When your cat jumps up on the counter, the kitty will disturb the powder or the pepper and it will get up your cat’s nose, making her or him sneeze, not to mention hate the smell! The pepper and powder are always easy to vacuum up in the morning.

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